Lmao yus


lol @ the team Jesus shirt

This movie was so fucked up. The trailers, and commercials had me believing I’d be seeing one thing… and it turned out to be something else completely. Was a good movie but damn it was dark. Maybe I feel that way because I didn’t know the real story.
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Back when Basketball Wives was good lmao

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We ordered lube and rubbers online and because we spent more than $20 they sent us a free (too-big-to-use) dildo. So…

to big to use….?

You know, I’m glad you asked, because it allows me to print a correction.

I originally said it was too big to use, but yesterday I learned an important lesson about determination and believing in yourself.

Tumblr is killing me tonight
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The only headline I need to see today.

Ahahah yes

I’m Screaming! LMFAO

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please help me figure out what song this is

i will reblog this everyday until it doesnt make me laugh

How could I not reblog this lmao.
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Wes Gibbins in “How To Get Away With Murder” | 1.01 “Pilot”

Super cute
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